A Long Drive To Fort of Bhangarh and Neemrana
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  Haunted Fort Of Bhangarh


 No one is allowed to enter the fort after sunset or before sunrise. The entire landscape is subsumed by a pall of gloom and a chilling hollowness once the last ray of sunlight bids adieu until its arrival the next morning. There are many local tales about the paranormal activities in the fort. It totally depends on a person whether he would believe it or not but It is said that the spirits roam in fort of bhangarh at night and various strange noises are heard in various parts of the fort. Also as it is said, anyone who enters the fort at night would not be able to return in the morning.

One constantly feels as if their movements are being watched, and the air is charged with a dizzying heaviness. A board put up by the Archaeological Survey of India cautions the visitors not to venture within the premises of the fort during the dark hours.

Bhangarh is located around 269 km from Delhi via Neemrana route and 242 km via Alwar route. Alwar route, even though shorter takes slightly longer time because of the road conditions. From Delhi, one should take the NH8 route and head straight and continue even after Neemrana and take the NH11A. Drive on NH11A for around 50 km and then take the Rajasthan State Highway SH 55 for another 20 km to reach the destination. Overall, Bhangarh takes about 4 to 5 hours of driving from Delhi. On return, you can come via Alwar and stay back there. Explore the Sariska Tiger Reserve and Alwar Fort on the next day and be back in Delhi by evening. 


It was during the winters in the month of December when i visited Bhangarh and Neemrana with my friends. when we visited there, we were shocked to see too many people are roaming inside the fort, families coming for picnic, couples for spending time and all kind of Groups. I thought as it is a haunted place maybe at least families wouldn’t come to visit here, but I was totally wrong. However we explored all of the fort area. We stopped the car nearby the village to grab some cold drinks. Seeing him in a good mood I asked the shop owner, what’s the fuss about the fort being haunted? Initially he was being diplomatic in his answer, but suddenly don’t know what happened to him but he began to bashing the locals for this chaos.
So if you are visiting Bhangarh i advice not to ask any local for any story as they will try to scare you from there own stories and try to rob you in odd hours.


Bhangarh fort is situated on one end of Sariska National Park in Alwar district of Rajasthan. This fort was built by King Aghar of King Bhagwant Das in 1573 for his second son, Madho Singh. His first son Mansingh was the Chief of Army Staff included in the navratanas of the court of Mughal ruler Akbar. After Madho Singh, his second son, Chhatra Singh, ruled over Bhangarh, whose reign had begun the fall of other places of India, during the reign of Aurangzeb, the responsibility of Bhangarh was on the shoulders of the princess Ratnavati. The princess was beautiful and she had started preparing for her self. The princess was also expert in apparatus and mantra and was able to do black magic.

After Staying in a hotel (named Tokas) nearby Bhangarh, special mention to Ramji the manager who took care of the hospitality and everything .The very next morning we decided to go to neemrana fort as there was lot of fuss for this place. So we left our hotel early in the morning and after crossing link roads of villages we took over to the highway and started our journey on a fresh note.

We visited Neemrana fort palace to do aerial zip adventure activity.
Before going to Neemrana fort, I collected some information about the place. I got to know that Neemrana fort is India’s First heritage hotel which started building in 1986 and gets expanded with time. When we visited there, some construction work was also going on there as well.

Neemrana fort was initially build up by some French person who got this place at very nonimal cost of 7 lakhs. Then four partners including the French person started building the palace and made out a beauty of traditional architecture with all modern amenities.

Neemrana Fort is quite famous, has in house dining and pool.

For adults (above 10 years) , they charge 2000 per head flat. There is no option of whether you will be charged less if you do not want the buffet lunch there. Whether you eat or do not eat, They will charge you the same amount. Moreover,there is nothing to view there. For extra activities such as zip- lining and vintage car- ride , they will charge you extra.

To enjoy 4oo m zip line over this beautiful fort around the Aravali hills, we had to trek about one km uphill .The view of the fort from the top was  admirable opulent and worth capturing in your cameras.
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