My Name is Mohit Chandel,  often call by my nick name: Monty(Main idea behind this blog!)I am an India based Web Developer, Travel Blogger, Digital Marketer and Content writer. I enjoy travelling as much as sharing my stories and photographs with people to inspire them to make even more wonderful journeys themselves 🙂

I call myself ‘The Wanderlust’ as often love to just wander about in the places I visit – to meet new people, see new places and to just soak in new experiences. Often its the unexpectedness of the moment which makes it so memorable…My journey from the cubicle to the road and from small-town India to remote corners of Hamlets. I write candidly about my personal battles and triumphs, my relationships, moving encounters on the road and why I choose to challenge social conventions – through travel stories that take my readers from remote Himalayan village.

From an introvert, travel has turned me into a forced extrovert. Thanks to travel, from a self destructive person, I have turned into a positive, happy individual.
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