Ajna Chakra : The Power of Third Eye
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What is third eye and how does it work? Is it a true thing or just a myth? What can we do with the third eye?

The power of third eye

Being a follower of lord shiva, I have been wondering all my life about this big theory and I got few concepts cleared after meeting another Devotee of Shiva, On my way to Shrikhand Mahadev trek his name is Siddharth banerjee. 


Third Eye

He taught very good lessons while practicing Yoga and Meditation – Two very powerful practices to tackle situations in our lives. What made my trek interesting, as he was really talking sense! Actually, We have to pass the different tests of life, Just like appearing for our mid term, Preboards, Appearing for IAS Exams!

Third Eye

How to open the third eye?

Close One eye.

Okay, now close one more eye.

Can you still see?

If you can, You have a third eye. If you can’t, this third eye you are talking about doesn’t exist. Sorted? mine was, yes baba!

Pros and Cons of Third eye:


Third eye


Ajna Chakra

Ajna Chakra is also known as the sixth chakra, Which is the power of intuition.Just like as You are making a business deal through someone plus everything adds up.The person appears great and honest. But you feel somewhat just isn’t right while you shake hands and found it was unethical when the deal goes over.
When something is not visible you tend to overlook it but you obtain these clues with your senses and the good news is that you could learn to trust these signs and make better choices founded on our instinctive sense and if verdict turns out right, go for celebration for own happiness!


third eye

* If the sixth chakra is deficient then our power of intuition and imagination gets faded. We will not be able to perceive the genuine facts. There will be degradation in creating visualization for our future.
* If the sixth chakra is excessive, we can experience nightmares, visions and the hallucinations. It may also lead to deficient the lower chakras.

Being a science student, it is my responsibility to give the credit to the almighty gland of pineal gland, that is responsible for the secretion of hormones that helps electrokinesis of mind, which  allows us to release the right amount of hormones for the third eye at the right time at the right place!

Power of third eye



Pineal Gland

 Pineal gland secretes melatonin hormone which promotes sleep.It is a small endocrine gland located at the center of the brain, it is responsible for maintaining the cardiac rythm also regulate the reproductive hormones. It is called as the “third eye” as pineal gland is the biggest source of ethereal energy in humans.

power of third eye


The brain hinders our spiritual abilities which is our actual abilities such as Electrokinesis that Minimalises our physical prison needs would greatly help with our spiritual cultivation. One such method is fasting. There are many types of fasting and it’s a degree of effectiveness varies. Usually fasting is minimalising consumption of food, but for spiritual cultivation purposes, it is also essential to fast from negative sexual needs(not to go celibate!), unnecessary negative speech, overcoming negative impulses or thinking, as our spirit is created naturally positive so we need to be generally a good controlled positive person.


Rudra Eye

Third eye

Concentration between the eyebrows, looking up at the forehead or down at the tip of the nose,  turning eyes up or down, rotating eyes, continously blinking to see some light, deliberately pressurizing the ajna chakra area may lead to pain, headaches, dizziness, loss of conciousness, ets. These activities are unnatural. All these are physical activities or exercises and not meditation.

Power of third eye

My request to those who teach such practices- Do not impart harmful teachings that will ruin other’s physical, mental and spiritual health in the long run or when practiced seriously for longer duration of time. Teach silent meditation with concentration or focus on SILENCE. Silence has no karmic reaction! 
Practice, Preach, Teach, and Live it.
Shubhamastu – Let Good happen to you!

Power of third eye
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