Clash of Digital Nomads on Social Media: Narendra Modi VS Rahul Gandhi
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India’s political battle has warmed up and is clearly creating waves on social media; we can all come across quite a lot of content pieces by both the parties on various social media networks.

Two of the major parties are creating buzzers this month in what would be a clash of two Digital Nomads! A key aspect of this election is the digital track of BJP and Congress.

It’s Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi.

Let’s look at around exciting stats and see who is winning this war on Social media networks.

BJP vs. Congress – Who is Captivating the Social Media Game?

Being the ruling party and fairly a popular one amongst the youth, it is not a shock that BJP is leading in terms of follower count on all Social Media platforms. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself being the flag-bearer, the following count of his account and the party’s account has improved hugely.

BJP is leading with maximum supporters in all networks and also, Narendra Modi is one of the most followed Leaders of the world across Social Media. Unexpectedly, Rahul Gandhi don’t have a LinkedIn profile and a YouTube channel whereas, Narendra Modi is quite popular there as well.

BJP vs. Congress – Who Is Spending a Lot of Money on Advertisements?

Facebook possesses restriction on its election-based ads as soon as it finds out if a particular ad is trying to influence an individual. With Facebook permitting transparency in the sum of money spent by each page on Facebook, we can arrive at some extraordinary numbers.

In the last 10 days, (April 1 to April 10), Congress has been a substantial spender on the platform. In the weekly gap, the Facebook page of Indian National Congress saw a total of 194 ads and expended a whopping amount of Rs. 19,83,759.

So, Congress is trying its finest to spread out their reach as far as possible by spending way more than its opposing on the Digital Front. But is Congress in advance of the race at the moment?

Let’s look at some other statistics that might blow your mind.

Of the top 20 pages that spent the most on Ads in the past 2 months (Feb 2019 to April 6, 2019), there was only one Congress associated page, which was the official page itself. Standing at No. 12, it spent Rs. 25,75,670.

But BJP exceeded the Congress by a vast margin with 7 pages making it to the highest 20. The page that spent the maximum was ‘Bharat ke Mann ki Baat’ which spent Rs. 1,15,62,550 on 2498 ads.

What Does Google Search Behavior Suggests?

Okay, let us assume Social Media statistics can possibly be uncertain! Maybe most of the pages and fan clubs of Narendra Modi are by his party that’s what a lot of Modi haters must be discerning by now.

In India, there are about 550 Million Internet users at the instant which means almost half of India is digitally savvy. They normally search on Google for the topic of their interest

So let’s go by the search trend and analyse how many people search for Narendra Modi /Rahul Gandhi.

After all, Google doesn’t give a false story.

I prepared a trend analysis of last 90 days to understand what people are commonly searching for and here are some interesting perceptions without any exit poll. If this possibly comes true then Google Trends are no less than exit polls that those news channels regularly run.

As per Google Trends, Majority of states display a massive interest in Narendra Modi.

We all know for the statistic that Narendra Modi isn’t adored much down south and you can see that from the above trend analysis. As per Google Trends, these are some of the places where Rahul Gandhi is ruling more than Narendra Modi:

Kerala is 66% for Rahul Gandhi and Tamil Nadu is 54% for him individually.

The blue wave above displays the countless growth of the party this year across the country and I totally believe in Google Trends!

Given below are some of the fan follower stats:

Let’s see if these predictions come true on Results Day.

For months BJP and its supporters conquered the political battle on the social media platforms, but lately, the party seems to be facing hefty backlash on social media.

Anti-BJP hashtags are trending almost every day, on top of that quantity of right-wing handles have been adjourned by Twitter and Facebook for posting abusive content.

Narendra Modi vs. Rahul Gandhi – Who Has A Better Fan Club?

Facebook keeps control on its election-based ads as soon as it finds out if a particular ad is trying to influence a person. With Facebook allowing transparency in the amount of money expended by each page on Facebook, we can arrive at some notable numbers.

BJP related pages included Bharat Ke Mann Ki Baat, First Vote For Modi, Nation With Namo, and the official page of Bharatiya Janta Party. There are multiple other pages that have more than a million followers like Modi Followers, Modi Government Updates, Our PM Narendra Modi, I Support Narendra Modi, Modi News, Mission Modi 2019, Modi Mania, I Trust Narendra Modi, etc.

I accept as true my blog post would be full of pages if I start entering down all the pages of BJP and of Narendra Modi and his fan club. BJP’s influence has even spread to Quora. This is reflected through more queries about BJP than on Congress. Apart from that, there are more decent reviews for BJP than Congress on Quora.

You can see manually below; when I searched for Narendra Modi on Facebook, I only got all positive pages about him on top. Truly shows the opinions of his fan club.

Modi Rajul Fan Club

On the further note, when I was looking for Rahul Gandhi and how strong his fan club is, to my wonder I didn’t find any pages other than his troll pages on Facebook on the listings!

This shows that Narendra Modi’s Digital Identity is much bigger and stronger than Rahul Gandhi’s. Narendra Modi wins the battle on Social Media undisputable. And I am truly awestruck by the fact that how each of these informal fan pages has unique styles in itself.

Modi Vs. Rahul Whose Merchandise Is Selling More?

Not just across Social Media and on Google, let’s also have a look at Amazon and how India’s most popular shopping website have lot more artistic collection and buyers for Modi’s T-shirt when compare to the T-shirts of Rahul Gandhi. Namo Again, Main Bhi Chowkidar, Modi Fir Ek Baar, are the T-shirts that are selling well on Amazon.

Let’s look at some of the Modi’s Merchandise (Please do look at the average reviews, there is some visibility when compared to Rahul Gandhi’s merchandise where there are no reviews, that also means there are not many buyers).

For Rahul Gandhi, there are hardly any merchandise and even if there are few, they don’t have much ratings.

Content Strategy and Approach of BJP and Congress What’s Good and What’s Bad?

Also, great proof of Chowkidar initiative.

Taking on YouTube, both Congress and BJP released a song on the same day and from now making our comparisons easier. Amazingly, the overall metrics of Congress’s YouTube channel are better than BJP’s. Even though BJP uploads around to 40 videos a day and Congress sticks to 4 to 5 videos, Congress’s views per video are way more than what BJP’s videos have managed to gather.

Congress’s video has garnered 9,00,000+ views but the channel has disabled likes and comments, So we are not sure if it is a genuine video view or fake ones. Where BJP garnered 3.3 Million views on their song titled, ‘My first vote to the one, one and only one who has got everything done’ with 4,300+ likes.

Another song from BJP ‘Haan Mai Bhi Chowkidar Hoo’ has garnered 1. 1 M views with 92,000 likes and 4.8k dislikes and 11,438 comments.

Contesting From Wayanad

Rahul Gandhi took centre stage on social media by announcing that he is contesting from Wayanad.

While everything was going right for Rahul Gandhi, he was criticized by a section of Social media for ignoring Amethi. However, now that Rahul is contesting from Amethi too, it is a perfect decision with respect to the pulse on social media.

Integrating WhatsApp for further reach

India is WhatsApp’s largest market with more than 200 million users and this is a platform which makes users forward content with effortlessness.

Both the parties successfully used WhatsApp to mobilize their party supporters and teams. WhatsApp groups were shown to be an effective tool to finish this. BJP planned and created enough WhatsApp groups for different units of the community; in this way, they were able to contact people from various paces of life.

As per BJP had approximately created three WhatsApp groups for to each of India’s 927,533 polling booths. Each group has a minimum intake of 200 members. The number of group chats can spread more than 700 million people out of India’s 1.3 billion population.

Majority of the population are in numerous group chats and in Wide-ranging most of the chat groups have lesser than 250 members. This strategy is widely different from the last elections in 2014, as only 21% of the Indians kept a smartphone.

Currently this number has increased to be doubled to nearly 39% and for most of them WhatsApp is by default social media app of choice and on an average more than 90% of the smartphone users have it installed.

Congress wasn’t effective by their WhatsApp targeting, and they weren’t able to reach that many people using this approach. On the other hand, BJP followed this approach which helped them to go for targeted messaging and also micro-targeting.

Who is leading the political battle in the Digital arena?

Despite both the parties putting enough effort, from the observations we can conclude that Team BJP is leading the race and Team congress is way behind in the battle for political supremacy.

The Viral Campaign:

#MaiBhiChowkidar created a rage. The campaign was a marketing masterstroke. This made it easier to track supporters as lakhs of supporters prefixed ‘Chowkidar’ on various platforms. One of the reasons BJP doesn’t need to spend much on Ads is that they have some campaign in trend at any point in time.BJP’s Chowkidar campaign has been received with great fanfare. The #MainBhiChowkidar campaign on Twitter became a hot topic to talk about on almost all the social media platforms.

After the Chowkidar movement, #MaiKamalKhilaneAyaHoon, #BJPWinning, and #NorthEast4Modi were found trending. No Congress related hashtag could make the cut in this brutal battle and the only #ParivartanBusYatra made a little impact.

BJP is clearly winning the hashtag war as their hashtags are clearly making an impact.

Now every time they tweet or make a Facebook post, they make an impact in promoting the brand’s ideal message.

Memes meant for Millennials

One of the fastest selling content on internet is ‘Memes’ anything conveyed in Meme style garners a lot of ‘Ha-Ha’ and shares across on Social Media. Both the parties have several pages un-officially that has made some greatest memes of all times.

Memes are generally not found on official channels, but it’s totally different this time.
When you make memes with themes, it becomes all the more effective. Here is an example of memes from congress during valentine’s day:

Contest and Engagement

In their effort to reach their supporters, both the parties came up with the idea of innovative contests. Some of these contests were held from unofficial pages, However it drove engagement and created hype on many social media channels. Given below is an excellent representation of how BJP used the contest concept to drive engagement.

So, what are the takeaways?

By the above-mentioned stats and proofs, it can be concluded that the Political Parties are taking the power of Digital Reach very seriously. Various Ads, campaigns and movements are running online by both the contesting parties as a part of their Electoral outreach. And it is in our fingers to make or break them. After all, Social Media fan base a solid weapon of the people, for the people and by the people.

Which party’s campaign made a positive impact on you?

Jai Hind.
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