Crazy Kids Journey to the home of chir pine trees: Garli (Part 1)
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Crazy kids journey
crazy kids journey

Tonight we do it big and shine like stars
We don’t give a fuck cause that’s just who we are
And we are, we are we are, we are we are
The crazy kids, them crazy, them crazy kids
And we are, we are we are, we are we are
The crazy kids, we are the
We are crazy people …

crazy kids
Pahado me bulbulo sang khelta backpacker!

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. You were supposed to graduate from college and leave your current place forever. That was the plan. It was always the plan to move towards a big city from your current city or town in search of money and a lavish lifestyle.

The Journey of life

You’ve joked about the journey of life before, what it would be like if you moved, from a small town to a metropolitan city- Delhi. Many of us always end the conversation with an eye roll “No, but really, can you imagine your life?” You can’t imagine because that’s not even your life anymore!

You have already moved on, In a city this large, you should be more anonymous, but that’s not the way it works here. You liked being anonymous when you lived in a Town call as Garli.

You moved into your new house in delhi—almost exactly 300 Miles away from the one you born and grew up.

Hamlet of Garli :

Garli is no tourist spot, but it’s a traveler’s delight. The hamlet itself is steeped in an old world quaintness, removed from the mundane machinations of time as it were. It’s a small village with one bazaar that exists mainly to provide for the village’s population. It has a few dhabas where you can get food.

The food itself is simple, though nonetheless tastier for it and after spending hours walking in the cool and sometimes chilly environment, a simple meal of hot Chhole and samosa with small onions pieces lying over the edge of samosa will rival any gourmet cuisine elsewhere.

People ask you if you are happy to be here in Garli. How do you respond to that? “No, I’m depressed as hell, and I miss everything about the Food, Hamlet and many more…” is too raw. People don’t want to hear that truth. But lying to other people and saying you love it here is more than you’re able to find a way to make everyone happy.

Feelings You Feel When You Come Back To Your Hometown

1.   Somehow, Now You’re An Outsider: Not everyone will be knowing you now as they used to before or maybe everyone is busy trying to sort out their lives!

2.   You’re Struck By Moments of Pure Nostalgia: By Remembering good old days.

3.   You’re Shocked That Certain Things Are Still There: By looking at the old banyan trees and a temple of lord Shiva.

4.   You’re Saddened By What Isn’t There Anymore: A very old babaji in the lord shiva temple is no more now.

5.   You Occasionally Regress To Full-Blown Teenager: You can relate to the craziness of being a teenager, Advantage of playing and traveling with kids!

Kids are Crazy!

6. Patriotism: Patriotism will remain same, Whether you are Living in city or Town but your way of showing patriotic feeling will be deciding on the ruling party, Election fever is everywhere in India!

Stargazing In Garli

We’re all captivated by the wonder of our galaxy—its faraway planets, many moons, and falling stars. On clear summer nights, this vast expanse seems to beckon us to journey into deep space. Though you can’t climb into the family rocket and take a spin—not yet, anyway!

So, here are six things to take note of when looking up at the expansive night sky with the crazy kids:

Start With the Moon: The Moon is the largest and brightest object in the night sky. That makes it a good place to start observations.
The Moon doesn’t make its own light. As it circles Earth, different parts of the Moon are lit up by the Sun’s rays. That’s why its shape seems to change. When the Moon is full, look at its pattern of light and dark patches. Explain that the dark areas are large, flat lava plains. The light areas are hilly and full of craters.

Reach for the Stars:

The best time to see stars is on a moonless night. As soon as your Fellow Companions gets settled, ask everyone to close their eyes and count to 100. This will help your eyes adjust to the darkness. When you open them up again, stars will seem to fill every corner of the sky.
When you Ask kids how many stars they think there are. The Universe contains billions of them. But we can only see about 2,000. All others are too dim or too far away.

Pick a Planet:

The first “star” you see at night might be a planet. How can you tell? Stars twinkle, but planets give off a steady light. Like the Moon, a planet doesn’t make its own light. It reflects the light of the nearest star. Planets are smaller than stars, but they look big and bright to us because they are much closer to Earth.

Most of the planets will be hard to spot this summer, but some planets will be positioned for better viewing. You’ll need binoculars or a telescope, That is something we were not carrying. I’ll try to keep that for next time.

crazy kids

Spot a Spacecraft:

Shooting stars last just a few seconds. If you see a steady light cruise across the sky, it’s probably a spacecraft—a satellite, the space shuttle, or the International Space Station (ISS)—orbiting Earth.

Celebrate the Science Behind the Stars:

Around 400 years ago, stargazing became a science. That’s when Galileo Galilei, sometimes called the father of modern astronomy, built his first telescope and pointed it toward the heavens. His observations and discoveries shaped the way we view the universe today.

Savage Kids!

This is all we got and then it’s gone
You call us the crazy ones
But we gonna keep on dancin’ till’ the dawn
And tomorrow we gonna do it again
We the ones who play hard
We live hard
We love hard
We light up the dark!

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