A Dental Date At AIIMS 2k18
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My Dental Date was at AIIMS New Delhi in the first weekend of November 2k18. Where I went to the Dental ward with my grandfather for their Root placement. Having my real uncle already in such a big place, where people like me can be lost easily! It helped and saved a lot of time.

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AIIMS is a place where knowledge and experience are of top priority. People are going to judge you and develop a mental image of you based on how good you are at your job/studies. Some of my friends studying there tell such stories of coming to Delhi and getting qualified for such a prestigious place of getting knowledge and many toppers are in fact from the backward castes as they work pretty damn hard for securing their place here. This doesn’t mean people are cold-hearted, People do nourish each other’s talents. Even Doctors here learn from nurses, MBBS students work on projects with Ph.D. students, etc. The place is itself a hub of knowledge sharing with care and compassion to one another.

aiims 2k18

Some of the awesome art at PULSE 2k18 AIIMS, Delhi

Some of the professions which are continuously contributing to Country’s Economy and human mankind since long back, Some are Scientists who perform research. Some are Engineers who invent new devices and Some are professors and teach the next generation of dentists, Yes Doctors of Tooth, Meet Dentists they are!
D.D.S. = Doctor of Dental Surgery
D.M.D. = Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry.

Dentists help us in assessing, identifying and diagnosing oral cavity and adjoining structure-related issues. Oral biopsies and FNAC are their jobs that can only be done by dentists, not a general Pathologist.
An avulsed tooth can be placed back into the tooth socket! Thanks to Dentists to make it possible! There is a reason why dentistry and generic medicines, Both are different branches of healthcare.
We do remember a dentist only when we have a toothache! Even in the MNCs, We have Medical health policies but Dental Insurance and policies are still yet to be implemented in most of the countries inclusive of India. Dental treatments are not cheap.

During the Surgical process with full power!

The frequency with which Medical Camps and Blood donation drives are organized, Same can never be said about Dental Check-Ups.

As the field of Dentistry just like other fields is getting more of a business of money making, than of a health care provider job, People have a mindset that doctors always wishes to extract money by unnecessary treatments and tests by taking Undue advantage of their knowledge! Dentists need to explain the patients genuinely about the treatment plan and its importance To maintain the faith of the patient on Doctors, make sure that you provide an ethical service to patients.

Artificial Root Placement: The procedure itself is quite painful since it is performed with either general or local anesthesia to completely numb your mouth. If you are anxious and Uncomfortable during the procedure and being nervous of the drilling noises and forces being applied to your mouth, Don’t hesitate to ask your dentist about the available sedative options and suggest that you better be put to sleep while performing the surgical procedure.


But If you are capable of brushing your teeth in mindfulness, then you will be able to enjoy the time when you take a shower, cook your breakfast, sip your tea!

Materials Used: For the root placement, Implants can be made from either titanium or zirconia. Both are of strong elements and the quality of the materials used will affect the price.
A standard implant procedure for replacing a single missing tooth with good bone support would require to be done in two phases, Where artificial tooth or crown!, Is placed on the artificial root is set into the jaw. This phase generally takes At least 2 visits for about two weeks apart.
1)The first phase would cost between Rs 20k-40k.
2)The Second phase would cost between Rs 5k-15k.

The dental implant is a surgical and complex procedure and every person’s pain patience level is not the same. The common concern about the pain and dental implants is that it mainly cause people to feel nervousness, not soreness.
One of the better ways to have a pain-free treatment is by preferring a dentist with advanced training and avoid the rookies!
You should try to avoid heavy work activities after your healing, as well as get some right amount of rest after the surgery.
In the first 24 hours, you may realize slight pain. So you can take your pain medicine on time.
Avoid brushing after dental implants surgery surgical for 3 days.
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