Indian Mythology
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Indian mythology is the collection of myths especially belonging to the Hindu culture. The collection of traditional stories and facts, which have been passed from generation to generation. Some of the most famous epic stories in Indian mythology are Ramayana, Mahabharata.

Mahabharata:- Duryodhana was the main villain (negative character) of the Mahabharata, he had chosen the wrong path because of the guidance of his uncle (Shakuni Mama). Duryodhana was against the law but still, he is worshipped. Yes, True it is! Temple of Duryodhana was constructed by local folks because Duryodhana is the main deity for people in some parts of Uttarakhand. He is respected in some places near Dehradoon, From the time of ancient Indians.

According to Indian mythology, After the war of “Kurukshetra”, where Duryodhana and his associates were killed, his followers spread the culture of worship of Duryodhana and his friend Karna. The followers took refuge in a different area and spread the culture of worship.

Duryodhana and his friend Karan became deity for the followers, after that both were worshipped. The culture had started by the time of ancient and still continue by the generations. The temple was constructed in the love and respect of Duryodhana by their folks. They both are not deity for all but for these folks they are heroes and folks believes that Duryodhana is their guardian deity. He is worshipped in two states in India, one in Uttarakhand and the other is in Kerala. In Kerala, the temple of Duryodhana is known as Malanada which is located at Kara of Kollam District.

A Child Celebrating festival in Kerala!

In Uttarakhand, the temple is located at some villages. The shape of the temple is pyramid shape, made by wooden and rocks. The temple was built in high mountains, having wooden architecture.

The story of Goddess Hidimba:-  In Hindu mythology, Devi of Manali (Maa Hidimba), the story of Hidimba Maa was also the part of Indian epic Mahabharat. She was a demon as she was born into a demon family (Rakshas family). She was the sister of the Hidimb and Hidimb was the ruler of the forests of Manali. Hidimb was very strong and fearless demon. He was a cannibal who loved to eat the flesh of the human. He was more powerful so, Hidimba desired to marry one who defeats her brother. During the Pandava’s exile, they visited most of the places, when they visited Manali and stayed in the kingdom of Hidimb. Then Hidimb sent her sister to brought one of the Pandavas for his dinner. Hidimba has reached the place of Pandavas and met Bhima. After that Hidimb came and fought with Bhima, Bhima killed Hidimb(brother).

Consequently, Hidimba married Bhima and gave birth to their son Ghatotkacha. Hidimba was very powerful and kind demon. After the birth of her son, Bhima was gone and Hidimba stayed back to her region. When Ghatotkacha was growing up and able to protect the region, after that she did meditation (Tapasya) in her cave for a long time. The cave was converted into the temple, she converted from demon to deity and became Goddess Hidimba.

The temple was again constructed and built in 1553 by the king of Kullu (Raja Bahadur Singh), approximately 500 years ago. Legends told that she was the goddess of Manali, Grandmother of King. She became deity for the Rajvanshi and they are worshipped her. Nowadays she became goddess (Devi) for everyone and locals believes that she is one of the avatar (Roop) of Maa Durga and Maa Kali.

The temple is located in Manali, a hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is also known as Hidimbi Devi temple. Hidimba temple is one of the ancient temples and located between the cedar forest. Ghatotkacha tree temple located just beside of Maa Hidimba temple. The designer of the temple is as the tower consists of three square and a four cone-shaped roof at the top. The temple was made by enormous rocks, wood, and mud.

The story of Barbarika (Grandson of Bhima):-According to hindu mythology, Barbarika was the son of the Ghatotkacha and grandson of the Bhima. Barbarika was very powerful and chivalric. He did happy lord Shiva by his very hard prayer (Tapasya) and Lord Shiva gifted him three magical arrows.

Kamrunag Snow Trek

Agni Dev (lord of fire) also gifted him a magical bow. He learned all about the strategy of war from his mother and gave the promise that he will always fight from the side of the weaker team. Because of the promise, Lord Krishna did not want that Barbarika participates in the war. As If he participates into the war, he obviously fights from the side of his grandfather Bhima (from the side of the weaker team) and when the team of Kauravas would become weaker then, he fights from the Kauravas side (as he promised from his mother to fights in the weaker side). Except him, he would destroy both armies. Pandavas win, According to hindu mythology, Lord Krishna did one thing. Before the war, Lord Krishna asked Barbarika to give him the head of his in charity. He happily sacrificed his head but his desire was to watch the whole battle.

Khatushyam in Rajasthan

Shri Krishna agreed and place his head on the top of the nearest mountain known as Kamru Nag in hindu mythology. The head of Barbarika watched the war. For his sacrifice, Shri Krishna blessed him to became a deity and he was worshipped as  Baliyadev in Gujarat and Khatushyam in Rajasthan.


Kerala:-  Kerala is the state of India. It is located in South India. Kerala, historically known as Keralam. It is more than a state because Kerala is also called the land of Gods (Gods own country).

Kerala got the name of God’s own country in hindu mythology, Because of either it was built by the lord Parasurama or either given by tourism tagline (“God’s own country”) of Kerala. In Hindu Mythology Kerala was built by Lord Parasurama by throwing his ax across the sea to create new land and became the creation of Lord Parasurama. There are lots of Hindu temples, Muslim mosques and Christian churches, it is full of worship place.

We pray for the hundreds of thousands who were caught up in the flood waters.

Kerala is blessed with natural beauty. The combination of the pure beauty of nature, rivers, beautiful beaches, wonderful backwaters, fascinating hill stations, culture, arts, and various features. The fact that Kerala comes to the most searched tourist destination. The cleanest and most peaceful place to stay.
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