Function of the Friendship!
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Walking with a friend in the dark is always better than walking alone in the light.

Childhood Friend FunctionWhen you grow up with someone, and share all your secrets, and your awkward phases, and your heartbreaks and triumphs, you become acutely aware of who that person is and it means Friend function is working well! Those experiences are the building blocks for growing together and continuing to understand each other, even when life takes you in different directions, is what the function of friendship is.

 In my life, these are my childhood friends whom i am accompanying right from the very beginning, They know my dysfunction, my upbringing, my weaknesses, and the face i make with saying, “Oh, nothing…” when they ask what is wrong, But damn, if it isn’t the best feeling to know your truth, to hear you out, to lift you up, and refuses to be shut out by your fear of vulnerability.

Adulthood: Friendship with adulthood friends comes with a fierce sense of loyalty. Don’t you fucking dare come for my friends because you will regret it with a quickness!

Pyaar badhta rahe…Aur hum pahaad chadhte rahe…Aur kya chahiye?

Women enthuse about their supportive and irreverent conversations with other women, but they positively glow when they speak about friendships with men. Men are known to have strong friendships with men, that means friend function works well with men!

Friendship in adulthood provides companionship, Affection, as well as emotional support, and contributes positively to mental well-being and improved physical health.

Statistics Analysis : Research within the past four decades has now consistently found that older adults reporting the highest levels of happiness and generally well being also report strong, Close ties to numerous friends. As family responsibilities and vocational pressures lessen, friendships become more important. Additionally, older adults in declining health who remain in contact with friends show improved psychological well-being.

As per the most surveys and studies, it have been found that strong social supports improve a person’s prospects for good health and longevity.

Friend Function in Coding: The second most important thing in my life, (First is travelling without any reasons!) is Coding and now comes the Friend Function, one of the best friends of my life:- Friend means our peer group to whom we can share our ups and downs, Friend function also have same authority!

In Object oriented programming, the private members cannot be accessed by the class. That is, a non member function cannot have the access of the private data of a class. However, there could be the situation where we would like two classes to share a particular function. C++ allows the common function to be made friendly with both the classes, thereby allowing the function to have access to the private data of these classes. Such a function need not be a member of any of these classes.

class XYZ {

friend void abc(void);      //declaration

Cross-Sex Friendship:

Cross-sex friendships are always charged with sexual tension and danger.
I have observed healthy platonic friendships between men and women while observing respectable social distance from each other. I think friendships between men and women ought to be handled with maturity, Clear boundaries to avoid breakdowns and maintain smooth flow of friend function!

For example, When a women is friends with a workmate, A single woman keeps asking for attention from a male married friend, it rubs his partner the wrong way and it sometimes it hurts the partner!
The Coming in of social media is another factor that is blurring the line between a totally healthy and platonic friendship. What justification does a single person have to be texting a married friend at 11pm just to wish them good night or ask what they are doing? Such behaviour does not only portray one as having ulterior motives, but also portrays one as loose! And then there is the issue of sharing photos! Just because one is friends with a person of the opposite sex, does not mean that their inboxes should be full of their photos!
Man/Woman friendship can be so intimate that when men learn their partner has had an affair with other, They are far more jealous of the talking that has gone on than of the sex.
Even if three couples are travelling together in a car, Working-class couples would put the men in front and the women in back to emphasize male domination, while middle-class couples would sit husbands and wives together in order to emphasize the centrality of the marriage bond. For affluent couples, however, the “right thing” would be to pair the husband from one couple with wife from another in order to enable flirtation and frisson of erotic excitement.
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2 thoughts on “Function of the Friendship!

  1. Hello, TravellingChandel
    Just went through your blog “Function of the Friendship”. Nicely put I must say.
    You must be having couple of great friends…lucky you!
    Wanted to appreciate the way you blended “friend function” the way you did.
    Also, wanted to share…i, being a female, made a male friend by walking with him in the dark too. The level of conversations, it really is astonishing. And i do agree, male friends are better friends.
    Now what i want to ask….is the last part…
    Why…would anyone want to “enable
    flirtation and frisson of erotic excitement” by cross matching married couples? I did not understand you putting this in here.
    Awaiting for a reply.

    1. Thank you for the appreciation. Well, about the last phrase the main purpose of creating an odd situation like this is to create a room of excitement for the audience to be indulged in reading and enabling flirtation and frisson of erotic excitement by cross matching married couples should not be a big deal if things goes with mutual understanding as these situations definitely arise on road trips in car(Compact place will create these moments) And yes exceptions will always be there!

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