Kheerganga Trek – No more camping!
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Yes Guys there will be no more camping in kheerganga trek. No Camping and fooding as per the recent court orders from july 2018 onwards and one have to take his own personal camping and fooding material.

It has been difficult but not impossible to chill and take bath in the hot water spring in the land of lord shiva. No more rookies are allowed, professionals are always welcome, My advice would be to wait and if camping will not be opened in kheerganga, you can opt to pulga and kasol treks.

Kheerganga is one of the best nature trek in Himachal Pradesh. It is open seven months a year and maximum height you gain is 9700 ft. The place is well-connected by road till Barshaini and it take 5 to 7 hrs to trek. The distance covered is 14 Km on foot.

Best Time: April to November. Though you can reach in winters too but the trails is slippery and very dangerous.
Stay and lodging: Kheerganga offers basic accommodation in village. There are numerous option for guest house available to stay overnight and cost as less as Rs 150 per night per Bed. No attach toilets are available in any of them.
Camping: One can camp with own tents in Kheerganga. It offers few good sites to camp. Once you reach main Kheerganga area explore the meadows on to your right.
Food: You need not worry at all for food as there are lots of option starting from Indian food to Continental and Israeli food. Though the serving ambiance is basic one.
Himachal Pradesh tourism:

Choose wisely! As you have other options too and chhalal is also a nice place to chill.

There is old Shiva temple in Kheerganga. It is said that Kartik, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati lived here in Kheerganga. Kartik was so mesmerised with the place and the mountains that he meditated here for thousand of years. You can find many stories of legends from the local villagers and they are quite excited to tell the stories. It is a ritual to pay homage to the temple every morning before you enter the pool to take bath.
You can get to see these views in kasol as well !


Kheerganga itinerary can be customized as per personal requirements and interest. We followed the below itinerary for Kheerganga trek.
Day 1: Delhi to Kasol. Stay overnight at Kasol with good options of Stay and River view. Good food and lots of active foreigners can be seen.
Day 2: Kasol-Manikaran-Barshaini- Kheerganga: I started early in the morning from Kasol and started the trek from Barshaini by 11 am, reached Kheerganga by evening and camped.
Day 3: Kheerganga Camping and site seeing : I Spent the entire day at Kheerganga taking bath at Hot water springs and exploring the area in leisure mode.
Day 4: Kheerganga – Kasol: After taking Hot water Spring bath and reached Barshaini by late afternoon. Had  my lunch and reached Kasol by evening and stayed at Kasol overnight.
Day 5: Kasol – Delhi : This is the last part for kheerganga Trip after spending enough time in heaven’s gateway to back to hell !

Rookies are not allowed to go extreme. You can ignore this if you can !

Places around Kheerganga:

Kheerganga is a great getaway destination and can be reached overnight from Chandigarh and other major places in north. One can do lots of things in and around Kheerganga.
1. Snow line: One can go ahead of Kheerganga and can reach snow line in three hours. You can have a good experience of snow and glaciers.
2. Pin Parvati Trek. One can go ahead to Pin Parvati from Kheerganga. The Trek is hard and needs preparation.
3. Mantalai Lake.(13500 Ft) To experience high altitude lake this is good option.
4. Manikaran. A popular Sikh religious spot en route to Barsheini. Known for Hot water Sulphur springs.
5. Kasol. It is small quite town before you reach Barshaini and Manikaran. Famous for River side spots, foreigners and base camp to many important trek routes in the region.


Kheerganga ( Kheer Ganga) in Parvati valley of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh offers a mystical journey into woods and is one of gifted abode for Natural Sulphur Hot water springs. The valley offers beautiful view of Parvati River and the Glacier of Lahaul Spiti. The valley echoes of mystical power of nature and has lot to offer to the travelers.

kheerganga trek

Rudra Nag Village

Rudra Nag is a small meadow on the Parvati Valley between Barshaini and KheerGanga. There are innumerable waterfalls here out of which the Rudranag Fall is the biggest and most beautiful. There is also a holy Temple located here.


From Barshaini – the base to Rudra Nag, Kalga and Pulga, opt from two routes:

  • Rudra Nag (13 km): It’s a steep climb, laced with stunning views; perfect for photography enthusiasts and easier to descend.
  • Kalga (17 km): Easy climb with longer descends, suited for occasional trekkers and those low on stamina. Not a good option for photographers looking for breathtaking landscapes.
kheerganga trek
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