Pulwama Attack – RIP Bravehearts!
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There’s a victimless crime and then there are degrees of victim-fulness which we don’t track. Loyal lying in ways that kill 44 bravehearts is a bigger crime than killing himself with a suicide.

Bravehearts – Either I will come back after hosting the tricolor or I will come back wrapped In it, but I will be back for sure.

And they proved it once again, They sacrificed their precious life one more time. They say our flag does not fly because the wind moves it, it flies with the last breath of each soldier who dies protecting it, I’ll totally agree to this. Being a son of a BSF soldier, lived in Jammu and Kashmir for fucking 1 year! I witnessed how hard they try to protect us from enemies.
They were standing in heavy rain. Their half body was in water due to the overflowing river and Rifle in hand. But they seemed very strong, That was so comforting to know yes there are these people who are here to protect us…But when I saw 44 of them are died my heart ripped, And that too on the same route where my maternal uncle(Mamu) and Mausaji were posted 6 months back!

Governments of the past and the Incumbent Government will take the default – blame Pakistan route for the most unfortunate mishap. But you don’t blame poison if it kills you do you? It’ll do as per its nature, what our job is to ensure to protect ourselves against poison. Them killing us then we killing them hasn’t resulted in any permanent solution all these past three decades. For how long the stupid, passionate buffoonery will continue?

The Beginning of the End

Ae watan, watan mere, aabaad rahe tu
Main jahan rahun, jahaan me yaad rahe tu
Ae watan, mere watan!
(Ae watan, mere watan!)Tujhpe koi gham ki aanch aane nahin doon
(Tujhpe koi gham ki aanch aane nahin doon)Kurbaan meri jaan tujhpe, shaad rahe tu
(Kurbaan meri jaan tujhpe, shaad rahe tu)

I can’t write more, I just want our government to take strong actions against whoever is behind this cowardly attack ASAP.
We can’t see our soldiers dying everyday…!! RIP Bravehearts your sacrifice will not go in vain.
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