Shrikhand Mahadev :One of the Toughest trek in India
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ॐHar Har Mahadevॐ


The Journey to Shrikhand Mahadev is a lifetime Achievement for every Traveller and i got Successfull in my life on 16th of July 2018. It was the day of Lord Shiva(Monday) when i got the opportunity to be blessed at one of the  pilgrimage of Shiva at Kailash Mountain in Shrikhand Mahadev at 18,650 ft above sea level.

Shrikhand Mahadev is situated at an height of 18,700 ft. above sea level in the Great Himalayan National Park of Himachal Pradesh, India

Trek for Shrikhand Mahadev starts from Jaon village in Nirmand region of Kullu district (Himachal Pradesh) .
Shrikhand Mahadev, as localites used to say, is one of the adobes of Lord Shiva, who resides there. They worship the natural, rock-made shivalingam on the great heights of mountains. The shivalingam is 75 feets high and stands still at the mountain top, above 18,000 ft altitude. One has to go through many gorgeous, ravines, and beautiful valleys.
To reach Shrikhand Mahadev peak, one has to go to Shimla, and then to Rampur (140 KM ahead). From Rampur, one way goes to Sarahan and the other to Nirmand. While trekking, Sarahan route is little tough than Nirmand  route. Himachal Tourism has a Hotel at Sarahan named The Shrikhand, named after the majestic Shrikhand mountain Peak in front of it. Sarahan lies on NH-22.

Srikhand Mahadev Trek Day-1: Delhi- Shimla 

Day-2: Shimla – Rampur – Jaun (Singhghad) 

 To reach Shrikhand Mahadev peak, I took the HRTC Bus to Shimla, and then to Rampur (140 KM ahead). From Rampur, i changed the bus and took local bus to Jaon and this 2 hours journey on top of the bus is an amazingly experience .

 After reaching Jaon i got something to eat in a langar and took a power nap before starting my trek journey to Srikhand Mahadev.

Rampur lies on NH-22.  Day 3 Journey: Jaon and Singhad

The pilgrims start their yatra at village called Jaon village, 170 km from Shimla and 200 km from Kullu by car. Singhad, the base camp, reaches after trekking just 3 km, which is the last habitation. After this the point the trekking requires periodic stops for taking rest and adaptation to the climate.
One thoroughly enjoys the pilgrimage in the beautiful landscape of Kullu and the part of Himalayan range in this region. Alpine meadows take you through the exquisite experience to witness the most beautiful landscape of Himalayan ranges. The whole experience is like an access to stairway to heaven.



Trekking Uphill Thachru


The first uphill trek starts and takes you to Thachru. One gets to see lush green, deodar trees, brooks and stream in the way. The first goal will be to reach Barati Nalah at 7200 ft. This is a place of confluence of two small rivulets and is a place to take rest.


From here onwards, there is a vertical 6 km climb till Thachru begins. To reach Thachru one has to face a vertical climb at Danda Dhaar. In the midway one encounters change in vegetation, the scenic view of Kullu Himalayan range. Through the water gurgle and birds chirp, first day ends for the resting time at Thachru, which is at some 11300 feet.


Before you reach Parvati Baag, trek first takes you to Kali ghati or Kali top from Thachru. There is straight 3 kms climb uphill to reach Kali-top. You’ll get a chance see some very rare Himalayan flowers on the way.


Trek to Kunsa

After worshiping Kali next journey begins and takes thea 1.5 KM trek leads you to Bhim Talai. After Bhim Talai, you start climbing the mountain to reach Kunsa. It’s a smooth trek of 3 kms.


Bhim Dwar

Right after Kunsa is 3 kms walk to reach a place called Bhim Dwar. From kunsa it can takes around 2 hours to reach Bhim Dwar. Here, again, you come across rare Himalayan flowers. This picturesque and exciting landscape with deep gorges, big waterfalls with streams flowing down, gives you a fit of thrill. Picture Bhim Dwar as huge grazing ground surrounded by waterfalls. It is said that ‘Pandavas’ stayed here during their exile.
On the way to the Parvati Baag exist all these breathtaking waterfalls. The yatra already seems to be fruitful till you reach the door of the god.


Parvati Baag to Shrikhand Mahadev

Parvati Baag is at 13600 feet, after crossing the water fall, Parvati Baag come after a climb uphill. Parvati Baag is a place of halt just before reaching the destination. As per legends this was the place chosen by mata Parvati for stay.
Some of the rarest flowers are found here too, like ‘Brahma Kamal’. This is the place right below Shrikhand Mahadev and is another halt in the lap of nature.
The final trek starts the next day. Early morning, the trek to Shrikhand starts so as plenty of spare time is left to admire the place and start the journey downhill as well.
This is a tough trek; hurdles of glaciers, cold weather and altitude altogether add adventure to the trek. Trek will take you to the Nainsarowar Lake first, and will continue until you reach at a height of 14500 ft after a vertical climb.


Strong will to reach the destination towards Lord Shiva,chants of ‘Har Har Mahadev’, and ‘Om Namah Shivaye’ make the trek easier and one forgets the coarse climb. You start realizing that you efforts are worth a touch of nature endowed with pure Himalayan beauty.

Reaching Shrikhand takes crossing moraines, small stone tunnels, and seven small peaks. In this amazing trek, one feels as if he or she is walking on the clouds, close to sky.


At around 16000 feet is Bhim Baiee. Here, the rocks and stones, piled over each other, contain certain peculiar marks, which appear to have been engraved. It is said that Bhim once wanted to construct stairs to heaven from here but could not complete it due to time constraint.
It is a magical moment as one reaches the top; it enchants the devotee with divine waves of emotions. Thrills and chills move you inside out, also as one can feel the effusion scenic of mountains all around. The tall standing pinnacles of rock here symbolize the lord Shiva and his glory in the form of the ‘Shivling’.


Shrikhand Mahadev, one of the toughest pilgrimages in India, is known for Lord Shiva in Hindu Mythology. It also makes a thrilling and adventurous trek in Himachal. It takes you amidst the lavish and beautiful setup of mighty Himalayas to the top of the Shrikhand Mahadev peak at a height of 16900 feet above the sea level. This holy destination is situated Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.
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