The Boring Life
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Act of Creation Begins with Boredom

You need to be bored, you need to be bored for so long that you finally get up and try filling up the empty spaces in your world with something interesting. I think that’s how art begins. Does Boring life makes you Creative? The answer is unexplainable, But i am sure you all will get at least enough information to create the life creative in some sort of creative madness.

creative madness

Here is the criteria to see if you are a Creative person or not:

Can you think of any problem in the world?

Can you think of at least one solution to that problem?
Congratulations! You’re creative, just bring out the creative madness.


creative madness


Boredom produces Loneliness. When you’re not enough, and everything is the same, what better solution than to find someone who can add a more dynamic layer to your life, and perhaps even provide some meaning. That’s the hope anyway, Isn’t it? That a Traveller will make this confusing world a little more clear as you journey on to share a family and  financial responsibilities.

creative madness

Love, Lust, Boredom and Loneliness

Love, lust, boredom and loneliness- what do these four things have in common?

They all are powerful emotions that can drive us to do some of the craziest things. Boredom and loneliness are vehicles for lust and love, driving us towards them in hopes that they’ll provide a cure for the mundane hours in a day.

creative madness



Good Relationships should feel a little boring

I will happily take a little boredom if I get exactly what i give to the exact person.

creative madness


Now, if you want to mix it up by bringing home the occasional surprise? Adorable. You want to do something different this weekend? Awesome. Want to try something new in bed–totally cool.

Creative madness

Boredom creates the feeling of dissatisfaction, and gives birth to the idea that there could be more. More to you, more to this world, even more excitement…Without Boredom, I would be perfectly content with every given moment and that alone would provide all the excitement.

Nowadays, we hardly get impressed when there’s a TV in the mirror. Seriously, I was recently at a hotel that had a TV in the bathroom mirror and I was very amazed to see that TV screen, that too in a bathroom! I was totally blown away while my friend laughed at me! However, of i had this luxury in my home, I would quickly get used to it, and it would become boring like all others things that are in my home.

creative madness
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