Virtual Reality : A Trip to Mirzapur
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What I love about the Virtual reality is how it makes my mind work. Just take your one step into that world and you’re a different man. You want to give up every possession and just live inside the simplicity. The world stops revolving around you and your life. Now, Suddenly you can see the bigger picture. You can see how it all comes together so easily and it’s a beautiful story to watch.

Poster of Mirzapur.

Watching the complete web-series at once is itself a virtual reality for anyone. I watched the Amazon prime web-series “Mirzapur”. There was a lot of violence in Mirzapur in the ‘90s’, But for quite some years Mirzapur has been a destination for tourists, particularly for people from adjoining states, owing mainly to the ghats, temples, the famous clock tower(Ghanta Ghar) which are an excellent example of contemporary architecture.

Ganga Aarti!

Mirzapur has one of the biggest carpet(Kaleen) industries in India. There are lots of spiritual shrines and temples, that attract a decent amount of tourists for Mirzapur every year.

Kaleen bhaiya of Mirzapur!

Having so many historical, religious and natural places to watch, Mirzapur is located at the bank of holy river Ganga. Vindhya Dham is a beautiful place in Mirzapur, Which includes many religious places and temples.

Morning view of a Ghat!

My personal favorite dialogue from Mirzapur is – If you want to survive in Mirzapur, Then remember two names: “Guddu Pandit” and “Bablu Pandit”!


In today’s virtual world of internet, We all do have our own priorities to watch shows, series like Mirzapur, Movies or even games like Pubg, Which can be further classified in everyone’s wish list.

Upcoming Pubg Championship!

Virtual Reality can be divided into:

  • The Act of the real environment, for training and education.

  • An imagined environment for a game.

  • An interactive story.

Virtual reality is an experience that takes users to a purely synthetic environment, Which involves nothing of the immediate reality that surrounds them. Virtual reality involves providing real-world graphics that fill your entire journey and is complemented by sounds to make the experience more real and make the journey more exciting to watch!


Instead of making trips around the world, you can enter the world of Virtual Reality. With VR headsets advancing so fast we are left to think “What’s the next thing?”. Soon we will have full body VR suits that simulate temperature, oxygen and a variety of other sensations from the environment we are living in, Yes it is for real! Start expecting some good changes in future.


You must like to see a blockbuster movie, be it Bollywood, Hollywood or even Web-Series on Amazon Prime and Netflix, that is completely VR compatible? Well, that’s coming soon! Many movie studios have already started working on it.


Travel Industry is among first few industries to adopt the concept of Virtual Reality. Virtual reality is not just about sitting in your armchair or laying on a bed and exploring destinations of mountains or beaches, it is also about motivating your wanderlust and eventually making things happen for real! Virtual Reality helps in giving virtual tours of any destination to the clients that ultimately helps them in making better travel decision maker – like Where to go, What to expect at the destination, What stuff to pack along and other itineraries! Though VR is not quite different from Google Earth, One important thing that makes it popular and interesting is that VR offers an immersive experience that crave people to visit places for real. Considering the possibilities, it is sure shot that Virtual Reality is giving a boost to the ever-expanding Travel market.

Virtual reality (VR) is providing an entirely new experience to both, tourists as well as travelers. Even In the video gaming industry, it has already become mainstream by rapidly increasing the spending behavior of the consumers. “PUBG”, is a game by Tencent(American based company). It already a hot favorite and taken the world by storm and by far is a most loved and favorite game among its users all over the world.

Chicken Dinner!

Be it playing “PUBG” or Watching “Mirzapur” on Amazon Prime, The result is spellbound to the users. Gone are the days when the family used to sit together for dinner to watch the television. Amazon Prime and Netflix are the hot recipes today, Maybe many more to come in future!
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