Retirement at 55: Right or Wrong!
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What should be the ideal age for retirement in today’s Generation is a debate!

It’s 7 am and you’re going to office in an overcrowded Delhi Metro, Somehow you managed to get a seat before Rajiv Chowk Metro Station! Resulting to you, Now there’s someone else sitting beside you is dripping her umbrella all over your lap. Perchance you start wondering if it’s time for a new job. Or you start daydreaming about the day you can just leave this working world? And the other side waiting is, long holidays in the Himalayas and your childhood mistreated hobbies now receiving your complete attention…sounds ethical?

Retiring at the age of 55 years old is a debate of whether you can afford it. But unfortunately, turning that dream into reality can’t come economically. Once you’ve paid off your loan and any other debts, still the answer will likely hang on what shape your pension is in.

“I’m not a leader now. I’m a whole damn army.”

As Albert Einstein is said to have called compound interest the eighth wonder of the world, and we’d lean towards to agree.

He who understands it, earns it…
He who doesn’t, pays it.

Why do Public desire To Retire Early

Men in uniform, are a force for good throughout the world, and that is nothing to apologize for.”

a) Haven’t found the right job. The key reason why the public wants to retire early is that people haven’t found a job that gives them satisfactory fulfillment to do for the rest of their lives. Nobody quits a profession they like. If there was a job paying 80,00000 INR a year to trek in the mornings and get massages in the afternoons, I’d do that happily forever!

b) An easier way out. If you are a sub-optimal player, you have a habit of experience a sub-optimal lifestyle. It’s calmer to just give up as a result. So If you are working as a Data Scientist in a reputed MNC and even after 1 year of working tenure, never produces any relevant research as coding on Python was never your passion. As an alternative of working on with disappointment, you adopt to give up and get out of the game and the Sad part is, Some even do suicide!

c) People are lazy and want things right now.

There are many people in ourSociety today, who have shifted their principles from hard work and thinking long term to immediate pleasure. Nobody is having endurance to work for decades to get qualified for a pension. We think, We know more than we do and we deserve to be the rich boss now!

d) Realization of that time is precious. The average lifespan today is hovering around 70 years old, you only get 15 years of retirement to increase in value your life if you retire at 55. Public lying in this camp have strident mindfulness of spell and hence do all thinkable to make sure they are economically steady sooner, rather than later. The worst is running out of money and being too old to do no matter what about it.

The Dangers Of Early Retirement

1) Oops, you change your mind. Visualize yourself retiring at the age of 38 after 15 years of work after undergrad. Now you fill the next 2 years of your life traveling the world, living a vacation lifestyle and feeling many new things. At age 40, you understand the purpose why travel and show is so exciting is because of the reason that of work! Now You have the desire to get back into the game, but who’s going to take the risk hiring a 40 year old with a 3 year service gap? The boss is going to be hesitant as you are unpractised, and that you might just screw them again after a year. As a result, the company just chooses to hire somebody with no gap in their employment, or somebody else from another firm.

2) You run out of money. No matter in what way traditional we are in our retirement everybody needs money, Something unexpected may happen at that time! Maybe you have a medical disaster, or your household blows down. Maybe your reserves finish due to a massive financial decline. Who knows what the future holds. But if you participate in “normal” early retirement, without the mega-millions bonanza, you may find yourself hunger more one day. Again, a large service gap is alleged as riskier by the company and you may be un-hireable.

3) You lose touch with friends and family. It’s nice to have all the while in the world to do whatever you want. But, if your links and loved ones are busy working all day, they can’t join you on your midday hike or escapade. They may also have a family to tend to throughout the evenings and on weekends. If you’ve ever reserved a staycation by yourself, you’ll soon understand how lonely it is when others are busy leading their own lives.

“The Army is the Indian’s best friend.”

4) You find it hard to start your own family. If you have a great amount of money, raising a child may be too expensive an endeavour to start as early retirees. If you never desired to start a family, probabilities are you haven’t been saving for a family. Let’s say you’re a lady who turns 35 and rapidly realizes the security window for having a baby is closing rapidly. It may be tough to even get pregnant, let on your own care a new born without the right support network.

5) You are unable to find your own self-worth and the esteem of others. Unless you’re out there saving the world,  you might start getting miserable you are contributing very little to society.  Others will stop respecting you because you aren’t doing anything productive either. Traveling the world and writing about how great your life is a very unproductive endeavor. You better be learning a new language and volunteering in the local community, or else you’re just a travel bum. A great many rich early retiree friends from the Dotcom bubble have mentioned they wish they didn’t get rich so quickly.  Instead, they wish they worked a little harder for their money.

“Mamu, Mami aur Nani”

People Who Retire Early Do

1. Live Relatively Modestly and Save, Save, Save

If you weren’t born into one of those well-known family houses that provided you a trust account at birth or else have won some sort of bingo, you’ve got to work hard for your money. If you want to retire early, live self-effacingly and save as your natural life depends on it. The reality is your life does depend on it — at least the one you want, anyway.

“Mamu, Maa aur Jolly Maasiyan”!

2. Build Financial Roadmaps after Retirement

When we’re traveling, we use a map as Google map is there to guide to reach where we’re going — and the same belief applies to our professional tracks. It’s never a wicked idea to plan your way so you can attain your goals with minimal chunks and diversions.

3. Make New Investments

If you’re able to retire early, probabilities are you’ve completed some wise reserves up to this point — and you possibly have sufficient dough saved to make some additional in the near future. That’s how you’ll shape your passive-income portfolio, and, frankly, if you have the extra money in the bank that’s not being invested, it’s going to left-over, anyhow.

Lost Kids!

4. Go Back to School and Continue Education

Chances are, you won’t be retired for long if you use your fresh freedom to shout it up like some Hollywood hotshot — you’ll trench your retirement fund sooner or later and find yourself involuntary back to the employees before you know it. One way to avoid that fate is by making positive use of your free time, such as continual education.

Education should never stop, and if you plan your progressions strategically, you can learn new services that will only progress your business savvy.


5. Focus on Relationships With Friends and Family

One of the additional personal benefits of having sufficient time on your hands is that you get to devote more time with family and friends. Use this very rare chance — not many folks get to emphasis on the central people in their lives with nominal distractions, after all — to shape stronger relations that will not only develop your life, but also theirs. If you’re still active toward an early retirement, spending more time with loved ones is not only a great way to improve your happiness, but also an important plan for saving money.

6. Travel for Life-Enriching Skills and Facts

It’s practically a given that you’ll want to travel when you give up work early — who doesn’t, right? — but it’ll cost you. At least that’s the theory, nevertheless. In genuineness, you can travel the world very economically if you’re resourceful and practical.

My Favourite!

“From a month in the Bir Monastery to a couple of weeks in a homestay in Spiti Valley, it’s a simple principle (providing a real win-win) and one who is growing in its popularity among retirement of all people who may have time on their hands and are looking for adventure in their ‘fun years,'”
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