When Mother Earth Cried !
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Today, I am sharing this real incident that happened live in Solan of himachal Pradesh. As this video was witnessed by one of my friends just next to his cafe, Where Mother Earth Provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, But not every man’s greed and this was quite scary for people who are actually living at that place. So, Here is the video:


As it Happened: What does future look like?
As it hardly rains in himalayas and the outcome is this! Who to blame for this shitty work. This is Xanadu Cafe, Ashwani khad of Solan and water supply source of Shimla & Solan is what it’s coming from, Solan, Shimla city’s solid waste dumpyard.

 Abhay sharma of Xanadu Cafe took this video.

Himalayas, Rivers, Our backyards everything is facing consequences because of our habits and lack of awareness. Rain is washing out all the waste that we leave behind, Be more aware where your trash is going. How it’s going to be treated. 

Political Stats: Above all be more aware to minimise your plastic waste.  Twenty five Indian states/UTs now have some form of ban on polythene carry bags, but the implementation is often lax, and plastic–which takes hundreds of years to decompose–continues to be used, which gathers in India’s water bodies and landfills. Using a plastic bag can attract fines–from Rs 500 to Rs 25,000– and storage and distribution can lead to imprisonment up to five years.

Problem With Punjab:

Plastic should be banned nationwide and only biodegradable plastic bags should be in use in accordance with the efforts being made by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). P.M. Narendra Modi,  recently introduced the goods and services tax (GST) across India and all of us are seeing how successfully it being implemented. Similarly, if use of plastic carry bags is curbed across India, it will have a huge impact on implementation.–Krunesh Singh, Chief environmental engineer, Punjab Pollution Control Board;

“But, polythene is being pumped into Punjab from other states–mostly from Gujarat–and its distribution and use is not being stopped by the local authorities which renders the ban ineffective”.

Organistion like Healing Himalayas is doing a pretty good job by cleaning the trash and garbage from the mountains and sacred places of mother nature. More power to healinghimalayas!

Volunteers of healinghimalayas with full power!


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better!
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