Hello and thanks for dropping by my blog! Whether you’re a brand, fellow blogger, or someone who would just like to collaborate in some way, shape or form, I’m absolutely honored!

From my About Me page, hopefully you got an idea of the personality behind the blog, and why I’m so passionate about travel.

Over a few months’ time, I’ve grown an engaging audience of over 10k plus monthly readers from countries in the world, because I take pride in producing quality content that keeps them coming back for more!


While travel is every bit beautiful, it’s also equally challenging and emotional the deeper we allow ourselves to connect to the world. My writing aims to educate, inspire, or entertain with every blog post and making sure to indulge my audience throughout the travel blogs and inspire them to travel and learn from my mistakes to make the journey more fruitful.

My readers are some of the most loyal and eager people I could ask for. They hang onto my every word, and trust the insight from my firsthand perspectives. And for this reason I’m incredibly committed to only partnering with brands who they can benefit from, as I would never compromise their trust.

While I’m always open to hearing new and innovative ideas that brands have to create social media buzz and drive traffic to their websites, here are the main ways that we can work together:


Hard at Work in New Delhi, India!


Ways we can collaborate

  • Press Trip
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Photography Assignment
  • Freelance Writing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Hotel Review
  • Social Media Management/Takeover
  • Web Advertising
  • Logo Design
  • Travel Product Review
  • Travel Blog Consulting
  • Nutella Sampling (I will happily do this free of charge)
  • Again, I’m open to other ideas as well, so feel free to shoot an e-mail to to pitch your proposal or request a media kit. Thanks again and can’t wait to collaborate! 🙂Brand Ambassadorship
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